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For an ever greater

Expand your horizon on one of our field trips or exciting further education courses; or use our dream views as the perfect backdrop for the most beautiful days in your life.


An outdoor experience

close to nature


The programme on offer to our visitors at the National Park Hohe Tauern is adjusted according to the season, guaranteeing an outdoor experience that’s always in harmony with nature. Book your field trip online or find out more about the current offers at our Info-Point.


A GOOD TIP: Once the site of the successful reintroduction of the Alpine ibex to the Glockner region, Heiligenblut is now one of the best starting points for ibex observation tours. Make the most of your stay in the region by tracking the trail of the ‘King of the Alps’!



National Park experience


Our National Park Rangers know the protected area like the back of their hands. A personalised guided tour (for groups, families or one-to-one) offers a nature experience tailored specifically to your needs.


An inspiring

programme of further education


The wide-ranging programme provided by the National Park Academy offers in-depth insights into the habitats and the flora & fauna of the Hohe Tauern. For teachers, educators and National Park Rangers, participation in the programme is credited as proof of attendance at a further education course.

Numerous seminars are held at the Ibex House itself, providing an opportunity to combine environmental education and avail oneself of the extensive visitor offer.





The Albert Wirth Hall is an attractive setting for private functions and business events as well as wedding parties. So why not seize the opportunity to celebrate those special moments in life at the foot of the Grossglockner!


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